A Survey on Implementing Role-play as Teaching Activities for Preschools Children in Learning English During Circle Time

1Aslinda Abas, Azlina Mohd Kosnin and Mohd Rustam Mohd Rameli


Role play has been proven as one of the best activities in learning English to achieve children’s development in the area of social and emotion, language, as well as cognitive. Circle time by implementing role play in learning English for preschools children has been explored by researchers in this study as the aim was to determine on how far the preschools teachers implementing role-play as teaching activities in learning English during circle time. The survey used the qualitative approach whereby five preschools teachers in Johor Bahru have been interviewed to collect data. A thematic approach was used to analyse the data. As a result, some activities enhancing children in learning English during circle time and several challengers in implementing role play for improving English during circle time were identified. This survey found that preschool teachers agreed that role play is an interesting activity but not to implement due to few challengers as what have been explained by participants.


Role-Play, Teaching Activities, Preschools Children, Learning English, Circle Time.

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IssueIssue 5