Sociodemographic Characteristics of Females Married less than 18 Years

1Dr. Nibras Alaa Hussain*, Dr. Saif Hameed Mohammed and Dr. Laith Amerabd al Hussain


Background: Many young males and females not have a chance to work out their right to select and choosing their partner during marriage, child girls marriage can define as marriage occur in the age below 18 years old, before she become (physiologically, physically and psychologically) appropriate for holder the duties of marriage and childbearing. In Arabic community early married females in represented the protection for them, battles and community difficulties consider one of very important causes of early married. So the aim of study to display some sociodemographic characteristics of females married before 18 years age and find the most common causes behind this marriage. Results: most of females were 15 years or less, unemployed, know their husband before marriage, had pregnancy complication, and were happy with her husband. There were significant association between early marriage at 15 years and less and (incomplete education, Occurrence of pregnancy complications. Conclusion: This study found that social and personal causes mainly responsible for early marriage.


Early Marriage, Morbidity and Mortality of Mother and Child, Child Girl’s Marriage.

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