Electrophysiological Study of Campbell Line Rats Before and After the Administration of Drugs

1Elmar Mustafa Ogly Kasimov, Ulduz Faizi Kyzy Hashimova, Andrey N. Ilnitskiy, Afet Nasib Kyzy Mamedzade and Natavan Irshad Kyzy Alieva


The study includes the evaluation of the total bioelectric activity of a,b,c waves of the electroretinogram (ERG) and mean values of the amplitude of b-waves in the retina of Campbell rats of different age before and after the administration of the drugs (Retinalaminum and Retinalaminum + Omk1). The study results showed that the administration of Retimalaminum and Retinalaminum + Omk1 to neonate rats led to a significant improvement in total bioelectric activity of the waves a,b,c of ERG. A significant increase in this parameter values was also observed in neonate rats after the combined administration of Retinalaminum + Omk1 in comparison with the group of rats that received only Retinalaminum. In adult rats, the administration of the above mentioned parameters improved the bioelectric activity of the waves a,b,c of ERG, but there were no significant differences between the administration of Retinalaminum and Retinalaminum in combination with Omk1 revealed. There were no significant data on the improvement of bioelectrical activity in senior rats after the administration of the drugs. The study of the mean values of b-wave in rats of different age revealed the same consistency as it was observed in the total bioelectrical activity according to ERG.


Retinitis Pigmentosa, ERG, Retinalaminum, OMK1.

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IssueIssue 5