Semiotic and Cultural Preconditions of A Synthetic Linguistic Personality Formation

1Dmitry I. Ivanov, Viktor M. Shaklein, Alexander S. Mamontov and Svetlana S. Mikova


The present paper is the first to describe a complex of basic semiotic and cultural preconditions for the formation of a specific model of a synthetic linguistic personality, which can be considered both as an independent cognitive-pragmatic unit and as part of a discourse personality. In addition, the article addresses the qualitative features of the transformation of such key concepts as “culture”, “text”, and “discourse” in the context of the semiotic-cultural approach, specifies the concepts of “discourse personality”, and “synthetic text”. The traditional study of literary text using a systemic linguistic approach does not allow to fully appreciate the creative individuality of such text, and therefore there is a need to create an integrated metadisciplinary approach based on the achievements of peripheral disciplines. As a base of such an approach, linguistic culture study is recognized as an integrative humanitarian discipline. Based on a comprehensive analysis combining cognitive, descriptive, contextual, and comparative methods, the concept of synthetic linguistic personality has been clarified, it was determined that the rock poet’s cognitive-pragmatic program has a complex structure and includes four basic types of constructive/destructive cognitive-pragmatic directions: a) cognitive-pragmatic attitudes of spiritual selfidentification; b) cognitive-pragmatic attitudes of ideology; c) cognitive-pragmatic attitudes of intention implementation; g) cognitive-pragmatic attitudes of intermediate result. Using the modeling method, the article presents a model of the synthetic linguistic personality of the rock poet K. Kinchev in the rock composition “Rockand- roll is us”. On the example of the verbal component of the this rock composition, the main mechanisms of interaction of cognitive-pragmatic programs of various representatives of Russian rock are revealed and the qualitative features of the formation of a holistic meta-discourse cognitive-pragmatic program of Russian rock culture are identified.


Discourse, Text, Culture, Anthropocentrism, Synthetic Linguistic Personality, Discourse Personality, Linguistic Personality, Culture Semiotics, Rock, K. Kinchev.

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