Formation of Competitive Relations in the Transformational Economy

1Svetlana P. Kirilchuk, Viktor E. Reutov, Ekaterina V. Nalivaychenko, Anna A. Khorishko and Anna O. Kaminskaya


In the context of the transformation economy, the need for further development of market relations is the formation of an effective competition regime as one of the main elements of market mechanisms. The basis of transformation processes of a competitive economy is scientific and technological progress of society, including industrial relations and productive forces, the use of modern tools which leads to breakthrough results in economic development, significant economic changes and dynamic, sustainable improvement of economic capacity of any state. The influence of state and development of scientific and technological progress of modern society and its scientific and information potential is reflected in the behavior of all market participants, as well as in the state of some supranational factors of the transformation economy. In these circumstances, it is necessary to adjust the mechanisms of formation and implementation of state economic policy on the basis of changes, their combinations and awareness of reserves of improvement in accordance with modern economic conditions in the world economy.


Competition, Transformational Economy, Scientific and Technological Progress, Innovative Environment, Economic Growth.

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IssueIssue 5