Workforce Analytics: Need of the Modern Organisations

1Dr. Nandini Srivastava and Dr. Farhat Mohsin


With the growth in industry and complexities in the corporate jobs the volume of data has increased multi-folds. Over last 20 years the companies have realized the importance of data and its interpretation in effective management of business operations. Almost all organizations someway or other are increasingly adopting the analytics in day to day activities of the organization. The scope of analytics is not confined to marketing and finance rather now the data available for HR to report has also increased and gained importance. Fields like Talent acquisition, management, performance and compensation etc have started utilizing the analytics for the better results, and however most of the companies have yet to even realize the need for the use of analytics in the field of HR. According to a report published most companies have not understood the value from their analytics investments, with only 12% of organizations currently using talent data to effectively influence business decisions and 70% of organizations expect to increase the resources which they dedicate to talent analytics in the recent times. The aim of this paper is to understand the rise of HR analytics over the last few years. This paper focuses on the role of stakeholders involved in HR, who have developed and positioned HR analytics as a necessary solution to existing and upcoming challenges


Work Force Analytics, HR Analytics, Talent Management, Performance and Compensation.

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