Impediments of Hyphenated Identity in Zadie Smith’s The Autograph Man

1T Anisha, Dr. T Subitha


Zadie Smith is a reputed young British writer famous for her novels, essays and short  stories. <em>The Autograph Man</em> (2002)  the second novel by Zadie Smith has established a fantastic Universal outstriks in North West London,which  is ridiculously known as Mountjoy. It is a version of loss ,delusion, mixed- race and won that 2003 Jewish Quarterly Literary Prize for fiction. <em>The  Autograph Man</em> is a sentimental novel than any other works of  Zadie  Smith. The character  Alex, a Chinese -Jewish -British hero resembles a Jewish and a Chinese in  his eyes and relatively British belonging and not associated to any humanity or culture as a whole. This novel confronts barriers of identity escalating between Jewish, British and Chinese identities . It is investigated as the course to an exalted sense of self-knowledge and valued in an affirmative tone. Alex will consistently have his Chinese eyes, but not a kitty Alexander Obsession. He used to follow Jewish rituals when it is necessary but not assuming in them. On the basis of Smith's humorous consequence the text portrays a specific sentiment towards the future and not giving a solution for approaching cultural riots


Chinese – Jewish – British identities, Hyphenated identities, Multiculturalism

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