Survey on the Role of Employers and the Scope of Existing Retention Policies in Startup Ventures

1Shiwangi Sharma and Dr. Nandini Srivastava


Concept of startups is in glowing stage within the National boundary, but as per the declaration of George Bernard Shaw, “The first condition to progress is the removal of censorship”, hence a critical study to understand and find the elucidation of the real challenge of startups i.e. Employee Retention is taken into thought. After going through various concerned literature it was found that, employee retention in startup ventures and role of employers in the same on Pan India basis is a rare study with in research. Hence, an exploratory study has been done to reconnoiter the concept. Primary research by the help of survey based mixed questionnaire was done on the sample size of 100 respondents. The collected data was analyzed quantitatively from SPSS by descriptive statistics and cross tabulation of the two independent variables i.e. Gender and place. The analysis shows various counts of dependent variables in relation with that of independent variables in the form of percentages. Qualitative analysis too comes from some subjective and open ended questions which are noted in the form of narratives. Moreover, the interpretation and conclusion redirects that, employers are implementing various retention policies to increase their employee retention rate, but as there is always a scope of development respondents has marked less on the ground of flexibility in work place, fun activities and friendly work culture and thus have suggested the same for implementation.


Employee retention, Talent Management, Startups, Strategic Management, Job Satisfaction, Talent Retention.

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