Effect of Environmental Parameters on Soil Salinity on Plant

1Safaa M. Almudhafar*, B.A. Almayahi and Hanan H. Jawad


This study consisted of the determination of the trace metals and physiochemical properties in plant samples (eggplant, chard plant, palm fronds, alfalfa, tarfa and mung plant) in summer season and (chard, dill, wheat, palm fronds, alfalfa, spinach) in winter season from the al-heera region in najaf city of the republic of iraq, where plants samples are not treated before it is consumed. the purpose was to ascertain the quality of plants from these sources. it was taken from ten sampling points and analyzed for the following (EC, TDS, Na, Ca, Mg, K, CL, and SO4) using the procedure outline in the photometer method (flame absorption spectrometer) was used for analyzing the samples. the contamination by heavy metals in plants one of the major issues to be faced throughout the world and requires attention because heavy metals above their normal ranges are extremely threatened to both plant and animal life. it was therefore of interest to conduct study to estimate levels of heavy metals in plants. plants samples were analyzed separately for their root, stem and leaves. the data showed the variation of the investigated parameters in plants. the concentrations of most of the investigated parameters in the plants samples from al-heera region were above the permissible limits of the world health organization.


Salinity on Plant, Effect of Environmental, Health Organization.

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