Branding Leadership: Mastering Competencies from Outside In

1Annjaan Daash, Dr. Prabir Pal and Dr.S. Pragadeeswaran


Leadership versus Leaders are both sides of a coin as both matters. The cynosureis the leader and embraces the qualities of the individual and how they lead and involve others. A leader pinpoints on competencies like knowledge, skills and abilities and shows clear path to the individuals so that they adept in potentiality and are able to manage others. Emphasizing on leadership highlights the calibre of leaders within an organization, not merely an individual leader but the entire systems and the processes that generate these leaders. Outstanding leaders might appear and exit but the tide of leadership remains forever. Genuine leadership doesn’t deal with a single person but also it takes into account the entire process. We can appreciate and gain knowledge from any person who are impressive or excellent leaders. The final outcome of an organization’s leadership robustness is obtained by building leadership pipeline that entrust stakeholder’s confidence in achieving future results. Leader focuses on an individual whereas building leadership emphasizes on the organization that generates leaders. Leadership brand is the identity of the leaders throughout the organization that bridges customer expectations, employee and organizational behavior. (Ulrich et al, 2007). Leadership necessitates the opinion about the X factor, or the systems and processes that raises the next generation of leaders who will respond to the future customer and investor assurance. Branding Leadership also helps in building next generation of leaders. Firms with leadership brand have an eternal and durable reputation. When the organization brand inter winds with its leadership brand, the former sustains and outlives any single individual leaders.


Leadership Brand, Competencies, Leadership Development.

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