Performance Analysis of Detection of Video for Secured Cloud Data Service

1S.N. Sithi Shamila, Dr.D.S. Mahendran and Dr.M. Mohamed Sathik


Identifying malady could be critical to forestalling farming misfortunes. The objective of this paper is to make a Computer helped analysis to distinguish and classifies the video frame analysis. This proposed identification look into includes video frame image acquisition, pre-processing, segmentation, extraction, and classification stage. The outline of the video is utilized to frame conversion. Four stages are utilized to recognize Video. The initial step is preprocessing then segmentation utilized here is threshold dependent segmentation of the faster 2D-Otsu. The subsequent stage is the extraction of the functionality, utilizing the GLCM tool. The third stage is that of description. Here the classifier for multiclass support vector machines (SVM) is utilized. And the last step is encryption. Here Small Encryption Algorithm (TEA) technique is used to encrypt data. The end encrypted output will be stored in the cloud. This technique is used to characterize the frame image on the video. The simulations are applied on MATLAB. Results of the experiment show the proposed efficiency of the device as compared to other methods of detection.


Median Filter, Faster 2D-Otsu’s Segmentation, GLCM Feature, Multiclass Support Vector Machine.

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