A Review Article: Resistant Bacterial Strains “Real Threat”

1Muhammed Yahya Allawy*, Bilal Salim Al-Taie and Hala Muzher Al-Tikreeti


In recent years, antibiotics (Abs) considered one of the brilliant detections. During multiuse of these (Abs) in hospitals, food and beverage factories and different cultures and communities, clearly shown a resistance to (Abs) due to genetic ability of microbes for adaptation especially after human manipulation processes in genetic engineering techniques for production new resist shapes, additionally through gene transfer from genome to other making it more renitent either in medicine or agriculture. In this article, focusing on this evolution of microorganism resistance to drugs during last 50 years and concentrating on its work, effectiveness and mode of action and reasons which lead to this considerable resistance to medications, investigating extent of environmental microorganisms impact on development of pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, new methods for controlling this highly increased resistance types should be introduced. Also the aim of this short review is to providing some thoughts for the role of clinical (Abs) in curing wide spread diseases, not only in gathering huge beneficial information. Focusing on some recommendations for decreasing or restricting of germ resistance for both physicians and patients.


Antibiotic, Resistant Bacteria, Germ Development, Antiseptics.

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IssueIssue 5