Impulsive Buying Behavior on Online Shopping

1M. Lokesh and Dr.V. Vijayalakshmi


Today, the consumer is become to Impulse buying behavior. It has been recently described as a persuading, greedily complicated buying behavior in which careful examination of information and alternatives is left out due to the quickness of the decision making process. To consume can arouse emotional responses and is bound to happen without consideration of the consequences impulse buying and has identified that it occurs when individual do not plan, anticipate, hesitate when making purchasing decisions, that is, when consumers make unintentional, Un thoughtful and prompt purchases. The impulse buying behavior is unintentional, since the consumers are not specifically searching for some products and made no plans to purchase the item. Whenever a decision is to be made, impulsive buying becomes necessary in the corporate world. The degree of dependence on impulsive is based on the cost of decisions. If the cost of decision is high, the dependence of buying is low, and vice versa. The study of the topic is use full to identify and find solution to the problem and to help making decision & to find alternative strategies.


Online Shopping, Impulsive Buying, Alternative Strategies.

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