Smart Instructive Healthcare System with Advanced Solutions for Caretaker

1V. Yugandhar and S. Jayanthi


In present situation medication is very difficult. For elderly people due to their health condition it is a very challenging task. In case of wrong medication affects the people health seriously. Many of the peoples from young one to elder peoples are forgetting to take the medicine in on time. So that to remind the aged peoples and patients to use the drugs on time only. In this paper describe about a Smart Medicine Box. This is a programmable medicine box and it gives the remainder to the nurses, elderly peoples or patients. This medicine box will issue the remainder in the form of alarm sound and messages. This system is not only for old people but different peoples who they are suffering from various diseases. The major benefits of this proposed system is save the drug details and take it in on time. This system send the alert message to the user when the box is going to empty. The smart medicine system is very useful for patents having long term medical problem. This proposed contains various important features like give the alert message to the patient through phone application, correct time to take the drug, dosage of the drug and remaining number of drugs available in the box.


Internet of Things, Assistive Technology, Pill Dispenser, Pill Box, Arduino IDE Software, GSM Technology.

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