Y Chromosomal Microdeletion; SY127 Gene Related Male Infertility Screening in Iraq

1Mohammed Zuhiaer, Raad A. Kadhim and Ali H. Al-Marzoqi


SY127 is one of the main genes on AZFb region that locus on the long arm of human Y chromosome and have essential role for fertility because deletions of AZFb region cause stopping of spermatogenesis. Materials & Methods: Subjects and semen analysis: In this study, 126 infertile males were analyzed who were diagnosed and treated at the Department of Al-Hillah Educational Hospital and in Babil, Iraq, from September 2019 to January 2020. The DNA was extracted using DNA extraction kits (Invitrogen, USA). Then DNA amplification by multiplex PCR was performed using STS primers for the AZFb sub-region (SY127). Results: In this study SY127 gene was found in 73 (48.3%) case from 151 samples that detected by polymerase chain reaction "PCR'' technique. Its revealed that microdeletions involving sY127 is significantly related to azoospermia. The high frequency of sY127 deletion 9.59% (7/73) among azoospermic patients and the significant difference between azoospermic group and oligozoospermic group in the deletion of sY127 may indicate that, microdeletions involving sY127 may associated with severe spermatogenic failure. The present study concluded that, microdeletions involving sY127 are related to azoospermia. Deletions of sY127 as deletions of sY84, or sY86 alone may be a high risk factor of azoospermia. Conclusion: SY127 gene was found in higher percentage among Oligo– asthenozoospermia and Asthenozoospermia than other cases involved in this study.


AZFb, SY127, Male Infertility, PCR, Oligozoospermia, Theratozoospermia, Azoospermia, Asthenozoospermia.

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