Multi Locus Sequence Typing of Multi Drug Resistance Klebsiella Pneumoniae Isolated from different Clinical Samples

1Saba J. Jawad. Al – Zubaidi and Hadi R. Rasheed. Al – Taai


Klebsiella pneumoniae is an important opportunistic Pathogen, that commonly causes nosocomial infection The problem of antimicrobial resistance is highlighted by a recent increase of antibiotic resistant A multi locus sequence typing (MLST) scheme was developed for K. pneumoniae . The current study included collection of two hundred and seventy eight samples from Patients in Baqquba Teaching Hospital in Diyala during the period from December 2018 to May 2019. The samples included urine, sputum, swab from wounds, burns and blood. All isolates were diagnosed depending on microscopic, biochemical tests and confirmed by VITEK2 compact system. It was found (39.4%; n=69) was K.pneumoniae and (26%; n=18) of isolates were multi drug resistance K. pneumonia. MDR K. pneumoniae were showed high resistance against different types of antibiotics it was as follows: β – Lactam groups (AMP 100%, AMC 73.36%, PIP 81.16%, ATM 72.46%, FEP 71.01%, CAZ 62.32%, CRO56.5%, IPM27.53%, MEM26.19%). Aminogly consides groups (AK 47.82%, TOB 43.47%, GM 36.23%). Quinolones groups (LEV 31.82%, OFX 28.98%, CIP 24.63%) and Cephalosporin groups (SXT 65.22%). The technique used in this study to determine genetic diversity of MDR K. pneumoniae was MLST (Multi locus sequence typing).Seven house Keeping genes (ropB, gapA, mdh, pgi, phoE, infB, tonB)were taken from website Institute Pasteur. Eighteen isolates have been for PCR amplification reaction. Nucleotide Variances were seen and specific alleles for each locus were designated. The alleles profile for each isolate was then used to determine sequence type (ST). New seven isolates, new one isolates and seven housekeeping genes have been published in (NCBI). The MLST approach provides unambiguous data useful for the epidemiology of K. pneumoniae. To the best of our Knowledge, this was the first study that involved on MLST analysis of clinical K. pneumoniae isolates from hospital in Diyala, Iraq.


Klebsiella Pneumonia, Multi Drug Resistance, Housekeeping Genes, Multi Locus Sequencing.

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