Self-Discipline for Futsal Players

1Dr. Mohammed Mahmood Mohammed Al- Assaf


The current research aims at building a self- disciplined scale for futsal players in scientific and humanitarian colleges at the University of Mosul. To achieve the aim of the research, the researcher used descriptive method with a survey due to its appropriateness. The society were players of futsal teams in scientific and humanitarian colleges playing at the University championship for the academic year 2017- 2018 reaching (239) from (21) colleges divided into (13) scientific and (8) humanitarian. After excluding (13) players, the sample was (226). Due to the absence of scale of self-discipline for futsal players, the researcher made his own scale. Surface validity of the scale items was found using the expert's opinions. The items that have 75% of agreement were kept and omitting the items of less ratio of agreement. Content validity, discrimination validity were found using extreme groups and internal coordination strategies. (31) Items were omitted, the scale in its final form, after items statistical analysis consisted of (31) items divided into three axes (behavioral knowledge, emotional). Stability was found using Kronbach formula on a Computer reading (0.77) a reliable degree.


Self-Disciplin, Kronbach Formula, Futsal Players.

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