Smart Attendance System for Schools and Organizations Using Image Processing of Live Video

1B. Balachandar, V.D. Ambeth Kumar, V. Sathya Preiya, G. Saranya, S. Sharmila, K. Vengatesan and Abhishek Kumar


It is mandatory to know about presence of a person/students in an school or organization to have an idea on number of persons attending /not attending the session before starting. This can Achieved by managing a proper attendance. Attendance can also be used find no of days worked by an employee in a month for calculating their wages/salary. Even now many schools, colleges and organization practices process of manual attendance. This manual attendance consumes time and papers. To overcome this, we can use smart attendance system which can take attendance using real time image. To develop a smart attendance management system which can manage attendance automatically using live video via web camera. A web camera is placed in front board which records a live video. Which is then processed to find identity of a person using image processing technique then it is checked with registered dataset/data base. It can reduce time. Consumption of paper can be minimized. This system gives info about their ward to parents. This system also help in evaluating attendance eligibility criteria of students.


Frames, Image Processing, Matching, SMS.

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