Automatic Vehicle Speed Contoller and Accident Detection System

1Bhuvanesh Kumar, Dinesh Kumar, B. Niteesh, R. Manish, Dr.V.D. Ambeth Kumar and A. Mohan Vamsi


Speed control is in the need of the hour due to the increased rate of the accidents reported in our day-to-day life. Now-a-days in fast moving world peoples are not having self-control and driving the Vehicle in over speed and Not following traffic rules properly in restricted area, this is main reason for Accidents and traffic jams are happening and many no. of people are affecting by late to School, College, in Emergency Situations and even losing their precious life. During accident the injured people has to face lot of problems such as, the accident information is received by the police will be late or there is no one to help the injured people. So as to control the Accidents and the Traffic jams in restricted area we are using Sensors Controlling Unit and automatic accident detection system, which are used in Vehicles for emergency purpose. By using this concept we can deduce the Accident and Traffic jams by following the traffic rules properly in restricted areas and even locate the Vehicle which has made the accident.


Sensor, MCU, ECU, Controlling System (Raspberry Pi4), Camera, DX35(Distance sensor), LCD Display, GPS.

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