Forest Products Collection of Hill Kharias of Mayurbhanj of Odishain Eastern India: A Recent Study

1Fagu Tudu and Dr. Ratnakar Mohapatra


This article is intended to analyze forest resources collected by the Hill Kharias of Odisha in Eastern India. The forest products of Hill Kharias of Mayurbhanj have unique retail characteristic, which is overlooked by most of the earlier scholars. In Order to investigate the forest resources things of the Hill Kharia people, the concept of the design in minor forest resources collection by them is masked by the development in their society in modern period. The Hill Kharias trace their Origin from a pea-fow’s egg and earlier scholars like Russell and Hiralal have Mentioned they have been derived from Kharkharia, which mean a palanquin or litter. So that they were called Kharia and lived in the forest area and seasonally collection variety type resources of forest like Mohu, (Honey), Patra (Leafs), Katha (fire woods), Fola (Fruits), Chera ( Root, Tuber), Chhatu (Mashroom) etc. The groups of an aboriginal who constitutes simple and small scale societies were culturally homogeneous had life style isolated and inaccessible tracts of hill and forest and continue to an archaic way of life and absorb the change slowly and known as Particular Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs). The collection of forest products of Hill Kharias is one of the important aspects of their economic subsistence. Hence it is very interesting for scholars of tribal history to know about the details collection of forest production of people of the Hill Kharia tribe of Mayurbhanj. Further it is also curious to identify the indigenous wisdom of the minor forest resources to understand the material culture of the Hill Kharia tribe of Mayurbhanj. The present article attempts to highlight the socioeconomic subsistence of Hill Khariasof Mayurbhanjbased on their forest productions in details.


Hill Kharias, Forest, Products, Fruits, Mayurbhanj, Odisha, India.

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