A Study on Emotional Maturity of Xi-Standard Students

1J. Vigneshwari and Dr.P. Senthamizh Pavai


A life filled with maturity, self-confidence, and fulfilment leads to success. Maturity refers to a significant phase in the growth of a living organism, especially it is a striking difference of forces between adolescent ad mature emotional attitudes like insecurity, awkwardness, instability etc., and Emotions are great motivating forces throughout the span of human life which affects the aspirations, actions and thoughts of the individual. It is observed through thoughts and behaviors which means to almost all kinds of emotions (positive as well as negative) and is able to express them skilfully, timely and in different situations of life. Emotions are important in every stage of life which plays the maximum role during the adolescence period. It gives the clue to the essence of the mature state of mind by understanding them. In the School education particularly high School education plays an important role in personal and professional success. Hence one needs to adjust to the existing and continuously changing environments. The present study consisted of 200 students drawn randomly from different schools in Chennai and thiruvallur districts. The tool used to collect data for the study was Emotional Maturity Scale and personal data sheet. t-test, ANOVA and chi-square tests showed that there exist a difference and association with emotional maturity and gender.


Emotional Maturity, Emotions, Adolescents.

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