Automatic Temperature Monitoring and Controlling Water Supply System

1L. Jaya Sekhar and Dr.P. Shyamala Bharathi


Nothing is impossible without agriculture. 70% of the Indian population depends on agriculture. India ranks 74 out of 113 major countries in terms of food security index. In India agriculture is composed of many crops with the foremost food staples bring rice and wheat. Farmers can save their time by smart irrigation. This paper shows how the farmers can save their time using smart irrigation and how the pests which damage the crops can be killed on time. The crops are planted and the moisture sensors are placed on the soil. If the moisture level of the soil is reduced the sensors which has been placed in the soil have the ability to detect and automatically the crops are watered. In this paper, automatic irrigation is done by using sensor so that the crops will not be affected from dry condition. The sensors placed on the field can detect the moisture level in the field and according to it the motor will be operated automatically. The information’s of the sensor data’s are sent through GSM. It collects data from different sensors deployed in a measured distance. It is powered by Arduino, DC motor and GPRS module. It will check water level, humidity and moisture level of the crop. The sensor senses the water level and switch on the water pump automatically. All the commands are given by the Arduino and is displayed in the LCD screen. It will also keep track of the previous data of humidity and temperature hence it is possible to set the required temperature based on type of the crop being cultivated.


Motor Driver, Transmission Rate, Arduino, Radio Frequency, Cultivation.

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