TMCRO: Traffic Management based on Cognitive Radio Optimization

1G. Surya Prakash Reddy and Dr.P. Shyamala Bharathi


As per ongoing estimations, consistent population development and urbanization will bring an extra stack of 2.9 billion vehicles to street arranges by 2050. This will surely prompt expanded air contamination concerns, exceptionally blocked streets putting more strain on a previously broken foundation, and may build the danger of accidents on the streets also. Subsequently, to confront these issues we need not exclusively to advance the use of more intelligent and greener methods for transportation yet in addition to configuration propelled arrangements that influence the capacities of these methods alongside present day urban communities' street framework to expand its utility. To this end, we propose a unique Traffic management based on cognitive radio optimization, named TMCRO, that expects to emulate the standard of Cognitive Radio innovation utilized in remote systems on street systems. The key thought behind TMCRO is to briefly give normal vehicles access to need (e.g., transport or carpool) paths at whatever point they are underutilized so as to lessen street traffic clog. The presentation assessment consequences of TMCRO utilizing framework and arbitrary street organize topologies with fluctuating traffic load have demonstrated its viability.


Smart Transportation, Smart Cities, Road Traffic Congestion, Cognitive Radio, TMCRO.

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IssueIssue 5