Protection of Plantation from Wild Animals Using Wireless Sensor Network

1T. Manikandan*, V. Nandalal, J.L. Mazher Iqbal, S. Joshua Kumaresan and S. Karthikeyan


The main objective of the project is to design a protection system for the farmland monitoring from wild animals using wireless sensor network. In current scenario, many farmers face the crisis of decrease in the crop yield. This may be due to various problems, one such problem is the intrusion of animals in the farmland and destroying the plantation. So, to address this major issue an enhanced system is created to protect the farm from disturbance of wild animals. The system also ensures that it is not hazardous to animals and humans. In this proposed work, sensors such as PIR sensor (passive infrared sensor) and vibration sensor are used. The PIR sensors are fixed along the boundary of the farm which detects the motion of the object and vibration sensors are laid on the land few meters outside the farm boundary to sense the footsteps of the animal trying to enter the farm. Whenever some animal passes near farm area PIR sensor detects the motion and microcontroller displays motion detected in display unit of farm. If still the animal is approaching the farm, the vibration sensor senses the foot vibrations and the sensor value is given to microcontroller, alert message is displayed in farm display unit and also the farm manager is notified by alert message using GSM module about some animal tried to enter the farm area.


Wireless Sensor, Animal, Form Land, Micro Controller and PIR Sensor.

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