HR Analytics: Trend from Data to Predictive Analysis for HR Professionals

1Megha Gupta* and Dr. Nandini Srivastava


Though the analytics function in the organizations have shown upsurge in its usage specially in functions like sales, marketing, finance, operations however its application & interest in the people function is still lagging behind and need a push. In this study the researcher primarily aims towards measuring the levels of usage of HR analytics. It has been diagnosed that practice of HR metrics is still in its early phases and have a high scope of leveraging it to its full potential. Though HR professionals have a common consent in agreeing the fact on the importance of People metrics, however at the same time they endorsed the main hindrance in its implementation is analytical skill gap. Pertinent to note that as per the concerned literature review the global perception is optimistic. This paper seeks to discuss the paradigm shift from mere data presentation to taking proactive predictive decision on people matters. Through this paper the researcher has tried to gain awareness on the tradition of HR dashboards, data, analytics and metrics. This research project enlarges the span of information on the theme of HR analytics being educational in nature and also comprehends the journey of people analytics as well as its current applications and a charter to leverage it further for the benefit of the establishment.


People Analytics, Talent Analytics, Human Capital, HR Metrics, Predictive Analysis, Big Data.

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