HR Analytics: A Tool for Talent Management

1Megha Gupta* and Dr. Nandini Srivastava


This is a conceptual paper on HR Analytics: The trend from traditional practices of managing people data to modern strategies of interpreting to data to take vital talent management decisions with special reference to hospital industry. The Human resource function of 21st Century has become more competent with the finest application of technology developments. HR analytics is playing key role in current volatile situation wherein business expectations have increased for better productivity & output. This empowers better judgement for talent using employee’s statistics unlike banking on associations & faith. HR dashboards enables establishments in charting HR metrics with planned organization’s goal. It mainly concentrates on trends of talent hiring, forecasting future requirements of HR, cultivating employee spirits and engagement. Analytics forms base for data elucidation to diagnose developments and take educative actions for gainful business operations. In this paper, the researcher has tried to highlights how HR analytics provides a multi – dimensional approach towards building a competent Talent Management approaches. The assessor has consolidated views of various HR researches and has concluded how HR analytics supports an organization in terms of its talent hiring, engagement & retention in such a volatile and highly competitive. This paper upraises significance of analytics in People function, practices and its applicability in various sub functions and how HR analytics have supported employers to passage from simple MIS reporting to evidence-based predictive decision-making.


HR Analytics, Talent Management, Workforce Analytics, Talent Hiring, Talent Engagement, Talent Retention.

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