An Occupational Hazards and Health Related Issues of Cashew Workers in Cashew Nut Processing – A Review

1A. Sivasangari* and G. Sasikumar


Nowadays Cashew nut cultivation and processing is a key area of agronomy. One third of the worldwide trading for cashew nuts production is accounted for India. Uncomfortable sitting position and direct touching with nut shell liquid may make the labors exposed to various health issues. Female workers are involved in cashew nut processing unit. This review was envisioned to know the occupational hazards and healthiness factors of women employees. The effort in cashew nut industry is substantially high, musculoskeletal disorder and the cardiovascular stress is also reported. Issues related to dermatological conditions are very much predominant amongst females involved in cashew trading. Female employees found a major division in cashew trading and approximately 90% of the labors in processing units are female. It is majorly reported that women suffer from respiratory problems and Musculo-skeletal disorders are moderately high in the recent scenario of cashew nut processing. Hence, this review provides a survey of occupational hazards, health and environmental issues of cashew workers in cashew industry.


Cashew Nut, Occupational Health Hazards, Dermatitis, Musculo-skeletal Disorders.

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