Job Demands and Resources on Work Stress among Banking Employees

1Rabiah Yusuf*, Nor Akmar Nordin and Siti Aisyah Panatik


Banking sector is the main contributor of funds in Malaysian economy, and it has gone through massive changes from liberalisation, privatisation, globalisation and the entry of foreign banks, technological developments and other. This development somehow has put pressure on employees, as they have to learn and adapt the changes, and this will lead to stressful work environment. Work stress is a serious worldwide public health concern, which will result employees to be less motivated and unproductive, affecting the employees' physical and mental condition negatively. This study is conducted to find out the influence of Job Demands and Job Resources on Work Stress. 83 employees of Bank X were involved in this cross-sectional study. All the data were analyzed using a Statistical Package for The Social Science (SPSS). The findings show that Job Demand and Job Resources have a positive relationship with Work Stress. It is recommended for future study to conduct on a longitudinal study, and compare the findings with several others bank, in order to get generality of the findings. Keywords--- Job Demands, Job Resources, Work Stress.


Job Demands, Job Resources, Work Stress

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