Using the Computer As A Learning Tool to Learn and Retain the Skills of Handling and Payment of Football for Pupils Aged (11) Years

1Ali Noori Khazaal, Dr. Jassim Ali Mohammed and Ahmed Mohammed Abed


This study aimed to prepare the way learning using computers to learn the skill of handling (particularly foot outside) and the skill of payment (generally foot procedure) for the game of football, for the purpose of identifying the extent of the impact of the means to develop Almharta researched. Sample was made up of boys and Baghdad, where the number of respondents (54) pupils were divided into an experimental group and another officer, either in the theoretical section has been addressed to the e-learning and its importance was addressed to the methods used in e-learning, such as a computer. Then explain procedures research carried out by the researcher was used experimental method, then the researcher procedures for the preparation of learning tool which (to use a specimen, processing computerized, preparation of written texts, recorded commentary, after the completion of as to create movies, images and written texts as well as alsgelat sound, the researcher using program ulead video studio preparing a learning tool that will be used as part of the educational units of the group pilot), and then the researcher to use the spss extract circles and distractions, and use the test T for the control group and the experimental tests before and after the skills surveyed, and the results suggest development for skills easy for the control group as a result of the application of the method adopted, the use of teaching aids has Significantly helped to the development of the results of the post tests for the experimental group, and as to the tests to keep the experimental sample used learning tool showed better results than the control sample used method adopted taught.


Payment of Football, Tool to Learn, Retain the Skills.

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