Digital Technology for Farmers through CCMM System

1Dr. Challa Madhavi Latha, Dr. K.L.S. Soujanya and Vijaya Kumar Koppula


Agriculture is one of the major sectors in India. The Agriculturist is the backbone of the sector but he is underprivileged in India. The improvement of the farmers’ economy will increase the nation production and economy. Therefore nation Gross Domestic Product (GDP) also increases. To materialize this, the proposed model Cattle, Crop Marketing Monitoring (CCMM) system is to create awareness among farmers in using technology in farming. The proposed CCMM system can monitor the health of cattle and crop along with market segments status. CCMM system can check the health of cattle, moisture content of the soil, disease identification of plants based on images; know the market value of the crop in various areas. Farmers will be benefited by regular health checking of cattle with the help of IoT devices. Avoid the loss of crop by continuous monitoring of crop. Keep away the middle man in marketing the product. Moreover the CCMM system will help farmers in improving production and their by India GDP shall have steady increase.


Cattle Monitoring System, Crop Monitoring System, Market Segments, Agriculturist, Economy

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