The Use of 30% Sucrose and Non-Nutritive Sucking (NNS) to Mediate Neonates’ Pain Response from Venous Puncture (Quasi-Experiment in One Private Hospital in Surabaya)

1Ni Luh Agustini Purnama, Ni Nyoman Wahyu Lestari, Dana Kristalisa, CH.R. Yeni Suryandari


Pain often occurs in neonates when venous puncture is performed during hospitalization. If pain persists for a long time, it can interfere with the process of growth and subsequent development. Nonpharmacological actions that can be undertaken to minimize pain are by giving 30% sucrose or NNS. The study aimed to identify differences in neonatal pain responses among those who received 30% sucrose and NNS. The research design used was a quasi-experimental post-test only control group design using a consecutive sampling technique; the independent variables were 30% sucrose administration and NNS while the dependent variable was neonatal pain response. The research sample was 36 respondents, namely 12 respondents who received 30% sucrose and 24 respondents who received NNS. The pain scale used was the Neonatal Infant Pain Scale (NIPS). The results showed that the average pain score in the 30% sucrose group was 1.5 and the NNS group was 3.7 with the Mann Whitney nonparametric statistical test p-value = 0.006. There are differences in neonatal pain response obtained with 30% sucrose and NNS. Pain management is very important for neonates considering the adverse effects, so to reduce pain optimally we have to undertake pain management using the 30% sucrose method or the NNS method.


30% sucrose, NNS, pain, venous puncture.

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