Exploring the Relationship between Cloud Computing and Blockchain: The Integration of Both Technologies and Its Impact on Ethical Problem Oliver

1Hasan Padmanegara, Deden Sutisna M.N, Desy Oktaviani, Gita Genia, Reva Yuliani


Cloud computing is a form of technology that has the ability to reduce costs in a business process. However, cloud computing poses ethical problem which is the consumers’ right to privacy and thus it leads to ethical dilemma that involves the provider, consumer, and government. Another form of technology that recently emerged and has the capability of improving operating activity is blockchain. Blockchain is a form of distributed ledger that has the capability to record transaction in a highly secure manner. There are many studies that investigate the impact of cloud computing as well as blockchain on enterprise-level users. However, there is a limited amount of study that investigate the link between cloud computing and blockchain and its impact on privacy issue. Therefore, this research investigates the relationship between cloud computing and blockchain as well as its impact on privacy issue by exploring the collected secondary data. The research finds that cloud computing could support the implementation of blockchain by nullifying the challenges that blockchain faces in terms of cost, scalability and performance. This is indicated by the emergence of blockchain as a service (BaaS). The research also finds that blockchain could improve cloud computing security issues in the future. Finally, the research finds that the future integration of both technologies could mitigate the cloud computing ethical problem which is the breach of consumers’ privacy.


cloud, blockchain, ethics, BaaS, ERP

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