Solving the Travelling Salesman Problem (Tsp) Using Saving Matrix Method (Case Study at Company of Xyz)

1Muchammad Fauzi, Arief Rahmana, Verani Hartati


One of the keys to success in implementing Supply Chain Management is to implement a good distribution and transportation network strategy. Transportation and distribution management is designing, organizing, commanding, coordinating, and controlling the process of moving objects or goods from the point of origin to point of destinations to facilitate the delivery of goods and or services from producer to consumers. The purpose this study is to show the best routes taken by considering the demand and transport capacity. Saving Matrix Methods to obtain the most appropriate and optimal product shipping routes to minimize transportation costs and obtain transportation cost savings. Based on the results of the discussion on the application of the Saving matrix method, the distribution route by considering the demand per week and the transport capacity per one transport is O  B  C  O  D  A  O. Because of the once transport capacity of 105 gallons, then after pickup send to destination B and C, pickups must return to O to load gallons to be distributed to destinations D and A.


distribution, transportation, saving values

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