How Traditional Balinese Houses Can Adjust and Cater for International Tourist in the Canggu Area, Bali Indonesia?

1Ni Putu Suda Nurjani and Ngakan Ketut Acwin Dwijendra


Bali has a unique architectural value. When tourism enters as a new culture, Balinese people need adjustments to the culture brought by tourists. Differences tradition and culture in each Regency in Bali, is the biggest obstacle for the government for make basic rules for housing. The height limit of a vertical building must not exceed than the height of a coconut tree. This rule is the main obstacle to development of high rise buildings in Bali. This research is a case study that originates from many homestay phenomena which were raised as a trend of mass media coverage in Bali. Period of housing development is obtained through interviews with homeowners and tourists. Results of this study indicate that ritual zone cannot be lost. Canggu community did several ways to maintain their residential units. First is adding space to existing buildings, and make combination in two or more occupant-owned buildings so that more rooms are available for commercial functions without sacrificing the ritual zone.


Balinese Traditional House, Adjustment, Tourism

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