Experimental Testing for Wear Simulation of Metallic & Non-Metallic Pin Implant Material

1Hara Prasad Tripathy, Priyabrata Pattanaik Susanta Kumar Kamilla


An attempt was made in this experiment to use the conventionally used implant materials, which have limitations & constraints, to name a few as non-biocompatibility, bioactivity inactivation, without the aid of bone & tissue growth, respectively, with a set of other new materials. Here a set of five different materials of metals, ceramics & polymers was considered & their physiological properties were examined under the same applied parameters. The different types of materials were considered for comparative study. From the experiments conducted it was detected that polymers are the better choice of some tribological parameters than the additional materials under test. Because of their physical properties polymeric materials were found to be mechanically effective as well as medically bioactive. If the polymeric materials may be replaced with the conventional metallic materials it will increase the potency of the damaged cord section & also improve as long as it causes no ill effects. Under certain mechanical parameters it was bring into being that the pin materials were wasted in a part that can be improved by applying a coating of biofilm.


Bio-tribology, osteo-integration, pins on disc, implant materials

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IssueIssue 5