Design of an Automatic Tire Pressure Maintenance System for Automobiles

1JJ Mahakud, Priyabrata Pattanaik


Streets are the most significant modes of transport nowadays and vehicles are the necessary piece of it. Tires lose air through ordinary driving-particularly when gone through pot openings and pervasion. Besides temperature changes are also one of the most important reason because of which tires lose air. In this way vehicles run with an under-inflated tire which may cause mishaps. Studies show that a drop in tire pressure by only a couple of PSI can bring about the decrease of gas mileage, tire life, security, and vehicle execution. In this project, we have developed a programmed tire pressure inflation system that guarantees the tires are appropriately inflated continually. Our plan proposes and effectively executes the utilization of a compressor which is incorporated and will supply air to all tires through hoses and a revolving joint which is fixed between the wheel shaft and wheel centre at each wheel. The rotating joints successfully enable air to the tires without the tangling the hoses. With the ongoing oil cost climbs and developing concern of ecological issues, this system tends to a potential improvement in gas mileage; tire wears reduction; and expansion of tire performance in various conditions.


Tire Inflation, tire pressure, fuel consumption, hoses, and rotary joint.

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