Business Continuity Plan: MultiUsable System Analysis

1Bibhuti B Pradhan


The Business Continuity Plan (BCP) framework is procedural guidance to create plans that prevent, prepare, respond, manage and recover from any disruption to a business. Most companies have not recognized that BCP is essential to the survival of their business. Organizations are more concerned with their primary objective (profitability and market growth), rather than continuity of business. As far as organizational awareness of business continuity is concerned, many organizations recognize disruptions, but have not been aware of preparing for BCP. There was no specific BCP standard or framework that could be used as best practice. This research is a continuation of previous research which, including all elements and activities, has proposed a specific procedure. However, in testing empirical studies this framework still has deficiencies. This paper aims to analyze frame suitability with different types of organizations. The framework was tested in four cases: banking, 2 service enterprise, and manufacturing. The results indicate that some of the BCP's practices need more adaptation. Investigators therefore need to re-adjust the BCP structure to suit all forms of organizations by modifying many operations. Based on the results of the study, certain changes or subtractions of the operations and components within the system, such as the introduction of budgeting, involve change.


Business Continuity Plan, Disruptions, BCP Framework.

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