Stimulating Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Research-By-Design

1Sarat K Samal


Entrepreneurship is significant in several ways. The value of entrepreneurship for economic growth has been discussed several times by researchers; it promotes and encourages entrepreneurship through many programs to boost the number of entrepreneurs and the success rate of such initiating businesses. Prior research addresses the drivers and the obstacles to hike self-employment career. The need for flexibility and the prospects for higher earners increase among the drivers. Risks and uncertainty prevail on the side of the barrier. Two factors are essential in the collection of obstacles to enterprise: the need to find the right business idea and the need to find compatible capabilities inside one or several cofounders. This paper suggests a research-by design approach to tackle these two main entrepreneurship obstacles. The development of a product-service network analyses and identifies the possible areas of opportunities so that the most significant gaps can be addressed which the process participants are analyzing in turn. The research-by-design research project incorporates a human-centered approach that combines convergent and divergent reasoning in early stages, in which the user's needs are met throughout the start-up process. The resultant retail company focuses on aspiring businessmen with a great deal of corporate experience, who are qualified to be entrepreneur but who are less qualified to make the final move towards a career


Cofounder, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Research-By-Design, Self-Employed

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