Solid Waste Management Practices in Small Hotels

1Sasanka S Mishra, Bibhuti B Pradhan


Small hotels together represent an important problem in “Solid Waste Management” (SWM). No work has been performed on SWM activities in small hotel. Most of the solid wastes produced in small hotels goes to landfill in the UK. This model uses a constructivist approach to evaluate issues associated with SWM in small hotels within a Wales local authority and investigates the work of public sector in helping small hotels for managing their solid waste in effective manner. The obtained results shows that the implementation of sustainable practices of SWM was considered by only a group of small hotels, the reason behind this is the managers though negative about sustainable alternatives of SWM or viewed challenges associated with the government intervention. The public sector at the time of this study only provided very modest services to improve practices of Solid Waste Management. This paper demonstrates a model of recommended practice for the public sector to promote small hotels to effectively manage their solid waste, in order to minimize or even eliminate landfill waste.


Green purchasing, Landfill, Local authority, Recycling, Small hotels, Solid wastes

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