Smart City and Entrepreneurship: A Review

1Bibhuti B Pradhan


Entrepreneurship climate instability is crucial to entrepreneurship as it is directly related to the decision-making sense. An entrepreneur's self-identity plays a vital role in making decisions and thus the related factors to be explored with their factor structure. Smart city is a business city. There is a bidirectional relationship between the smart cities and entrepreneurship. Firstly, entrepreneurs are initiating technological interventions to help cities undergo socio-technical transitions and become smart cities. Entrepreneurial activity is stimulated by self-identity, and subjected to the social-identity catalytic effect. While psychological and sociological literature describes the concept of social identity and self-identity, literature on management and organizational behavior is still being established to quantify these climate-related constructs Furthermore, the innovations that are being implemented in cities produce data that then help companies explore new opportunities. To fill the gap, this paper examines the existing literature in the area to contextualize the position that technology plays in developing smart cities and how smart cities affect business models. This paper seeks to deepen our knowledge of this bidirectional partnership and provides up opportunities for future research in smart city areas.


Entrepreneurship, Data, Opportunity identification and exploitation, Smart city.

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IssueIssue 6