Significance of Effective Performance in Human Resource Management

1Sasmita Mohanty


Over the last 15 years the philosophy and work on human resource management and efficiency has grown considerably. The first step in the formulation of the hypothesis and work on the HRM-performance relationship happened in the 1980s. A series of articles and books started to relate business strategy to the management of human resources during this time. More from an organizational behaviour viewpoint, studies have demonstrated the need for a change from regulation to commitment as the foundation for handling people at work. This paper examines progress by describing a sequence of stages in related theory and work growth. It that points out a lot of challenges on the philosophy, organizational methods and research methodology for the future. It has been concluded from the review that after more than couple of decades of thorough research, it is possible to answer key questions about the human resource management and success relationships. This is traced directly to the limited amount of quantitative work that has been able to resolve the linkages between performance and HRM, and to analyse HR implementation management


Effective performance, Efficiency, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behaviour, Strategies.

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