Opinion and Perception of Tourists towards Ecotourism Development and Management in Madurai

1Dr.S. Rani, P. Nagalakshmi and P. Easwaran


In world economy and global trade, tourism has become an important sector. Tourism is making a significant and revolutionary effect on the economic scenario of world. This industry perform as a powerful one of social and economic changes in the world. It helps to make positive contribution to the balance of payment, increases investment and employment and changes economic structure. India is acting as tourist favourite place which is attracting more number of people from various destination. It has become major one in the contribution of Indian economy in way of earning foreign exchange and reducing unemployment. In Tamil Nadu, there are many places considered as visit. Most of the people from foreign countries prefer Tamil Nadu as most attractive place for tourism. Among the various places Madurai is considered as most attractive tourist place in Tamil Nadu. This study made an attempt to investigate the tourist’s preference towards the eco-tourism development. The study concluded that the visitors from various places of home and host country perceived that there is an improvement in the accessibility of the tourist places. The information providing in the places are very useful to know about the places very well.


Eco-tourism, Tourist Perception, Sustainable Development, Ecology Development, Madurai Tourism.

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