MRI of Brain Tumor

1Dr. Satya Sundar Gajendra Mohapatra, Dr. Adyakinkar Panda, Dr Mihir Narayan Mohanty


This article has effectively discussed biomedical imagery and clinical image processing. Segmentation of neurologic diseases includes the separation from normal brain tissues of specific tumors. Through brain tumor examination, the abnormal tissue can be identified quite easily. A significant study of MRI has previously been carried out by various neuroscientists in medical imaging and soft calculations, an almost invasive imaging technique that generates anatomical images in three-dimensional detail without the use of harmful radiation. Brain or intracranial neoplasm tumor formed in the brain when cells were abnormal. The article gives a description of the most applicable methods of brain tumor segmentation after image acquisition. Since magnetic resonance imaging benefits from other diagnostic imaging, the research focuses on the segmentation of MRI brain tumor. In the diagnosis, treatment preparation and after-therapy monitoring of brain tumors, neuroimaging plays an ever-changing role. The study gives an overview of the latest MRI procedures used frequently in the care of the brain tumor patient. They focus specifically on advanced technique for the noninvasive characterization of brain and pretreatment tumors, including diffusion, perfusion, spectroscope, TRACTOGRAPHY and functional MRI. During post-therapeutic brain assessments the efficacy of both systemic and physiological MRIs is also investigated with special attention to the problems of pseudo progression and pseudo response.


Brain tumor, Image Segmentation, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Tumor Detection.

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