Information Ecology in The Context of General Ecology: A Review

1Bibhuti B Pradhan


The environmental method studied in this paper is a new level of knowledge studies. This allows for a better understanding of information processes in society, as well as a more effective development of information processing systems. Information ecology offers a conceptual framework for the analysis of data, the production of knowledge and the flow of information within a multidimensional context. This paper describes and analyses ecological studies in a variety of fields, from biology to technology, to sociology, to knowledge and information. Subsequently, elements of the general ecology building methodological and philosophical foundation for information ecology were presented and a concise definition of information ecology was developed and information ecology further developed as a methodological basis for information studies, generally based on the concepts and principles of the general information theory [1]. Complexity, ambiguity, and non-linearity are part of information ecology and are addressed today by exploring multiple types of knowledge, developing vocabulary for the information system, and recognizing the need for intermediation.


information, ecology, process, environment, interrelations, subject information, object information, model, structure, pattern

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