Fort and Fortress in Indian Cinema: Study on the Role of Indian Historical Monuments on Indian Cinema

1Dr. Sabzaar Kak and Ishita Pundir


The Indian monuments gives out a very impressive reflection about the Indian culture, by which even today’s artist get inspired. These types of historical monuments preserve the memory of famous art works. This also gives reference to the ancient rulers, their achievements and downfall. These monuments became historic and adds in the record of man’s art workmanship. Indian Cinema on the other side in today’s world is the most popular means of entertainment. Millions of people watch cinema everyday all over the world not only as a means of entertainment but also as an escape from the monotony, boredom, anxiety and troubles of life. The usage of monuments as film location gives major highlight to the Indian masterpieces. This paper attempts to shed light on the role of monuments on Indian cinema and also, I would like to elaborate on the tradition and culture of Indian cinema with historic beauty by going through detail study on the subject written by distinguished authors.


Fort and Fortress, Indian Cinema, Historical Monuments.

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