Characteristics of Scorpionism in Montenegro

1Bogdanka Andric*, Ramiza Idrizovic and Milan Jovanovic


Scorpionism is a significant health problem in many parts of the world, due to the toxic stings, which can endanger the health and lives of the people. Severity of clinical manifestations and the problem is not of the efficiency of therapeutic treatment, present additionally problem. Montenegro is an endemic area for two types of scorpions: Mesobuthus gibbosus and Euscorpius italicus. The severity of poisoning depends on many factors: such as previous health condition, age of the victim, the location of the bite, penetration depth, scorpions’ species and the degree of his agitation. After scorpion bites, become noticeable local and general symptoms. Especially dangerous are the symptoms were presenting of the heart, affecting CNS, to those that lead the serious changes in the respiratory system, and cause Hepatic Uremic Syndrome (HUS). The treatment of scorpions bites and poisoning is complex and controversial, in particular regarding the utility of the antivenins and symptomatic treatments that must be associated. Antidotes of poison of different scorpion species are very specific. Their efficiency has closely related to the geographical region and the scorpion species from which were is obtaining. In period of 2009 - 2015 years in Montenegro were officially registered 15 cases with scorpionismus, but it can be assumption that the real number is much higher. In 12 cases, it was a stab Mesobuthus gibbosus, the most common types of scorpions in Europe. In 3 cases it was a scorpion sting Euscorpius italicus living in all parts of Montenegro and the Montenegrin coast. In our series, fatal cases were not registered. In two cases, neurological damages are registered. In 2 cases, which were, manifesting by involuntary muscle twitches extremities where he sustained stab, of chronic degenerative changes at EMG investigation. In another case, a year after scorpion bites, developed transient hemiparesis, which lasted more than one year.


Scorpionism, Characteristics, Venoms.

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