Effect of TIVA with Propofol Versus Inhalational Anasthesia Plus Ketamine on Fertilization and Clinical Pregnancy Rate in ICSI

1Raad Ghazi Reshan, Bashar Ghanim Ameen and Asmaa Abdulrazzaq Hassan


Anasthesia is an important part of in vitro fertilization and can be detrimental on the reproductive result due to potential toxicity encountered by the anesthetic drugs used. Place and duration of the study: The study is held at the high institute of infertility and ART's in al Nahrin University in Baghdad, Iraq from 1st of April 2018 to the 1st of February 2019. Material and methods: 80 patients during their ICSI course were randomized blindly at time of oocyte retrieval anasthesia into two groups:40 patient subjected to TIVA (total intravenous anesthesia) with midazolam and propofol (group1),and 40 patient subjected to inhalational anesthesia (isoflurane ) with ketamine and midazolam, evaluation of fertilization ,cleavage ,grade 1 embryo and pregnancy rate was done to determine the more beneficial, and less toxic anesthesia for in vitro fertilization patients. Conclusion: TIVA with midazolam and propofol had better reproductive outcome on fertilization rate cleavage and grade 1 embryo rate with significant higher pregnancy rate than inhalational anesthesia with midazolam and ketamine.


Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Versus Inhalational, Propofol.

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