Determination of the Accurate Tooth Length and Apical Constriction Measurements by different Methods in Mandibular Premolar Teeth

1Sameer Hatem Abdulhaleem


During this study the accurate teeth length, and the accurate apical constriction measurement was determined in lower premolar teeth in 43 lower premolar teeth in sample of Iraqi patients who attended to privet dental clinic for root canal treatment in their mandibular premolar teeth, all these teeth were examined by ZX mini apex locator and digital radiography, all samples were recorded on the monitor of MAYRAY (Xpod) sensor imaging system, the electronic working length was determined by the ZX mini apex locator, the patients are examined by bisecting angle periodical digital radiographic machine (CSN digital radiographic machine). And the measurement were applied on the monitor of MYRAY (Xpod) sensor imaging system, then the formula of direct fit was applied to obtain the coefficient factor of shortness and elongation of the radiographic image for each tooth, the distance mean of apical constriction to the apical end of tooth end (radiographic apex) was found 1.26 mm the largest distance the was 1.88 mm and the smallest distance was 0.69 mm. The mean of the lower premolar teeth length was found 20.92 mm with rang (18.48- 23.74) mm. The measurements were carried out by the aid of ZX mini apex locator and MYRAY (Xpod) sensor imaging system. It can be concluded that the using ZX mini with the MAYRAY imaging system during root canal therapy have accurate determination of working length and the distance between the apical constriction and radiographic apex measurements, in addition to the importance of the combination of the EWLs with the digital imaging system in determination of accurate working length and reduction of unnecessary radiation exposure to the patient.


ZX Mini Apex Locator, MYRAY (Xpod) Sensor Imaging System, Mandibular Premolar Teeth.

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