Employing Television Programs in Spreading Environmental Awareness, through Implementation on Estidama Program in Emirate T.V July to October 2018

1Dr. Fakhri Abdelgdir Ali Elfaki


The various functions of television programs are important information functions that enable it to play its role as a community-based media service, and the function of educational television programs plays a major role in promoting environmental awareness and raising awareness of the most important environmental issues. In this study the researcher has tackled employing TV’s programs in spreading awareness of environmental issues through implementation on Estidama program in Emirate T.V, so as to introduce the experiment of the program, to realize its effect to assume the role of prevailing environmental awareness and to get acquainted of the characteristics of UAE environmental features for it is one of the advanced countries. The researcher also has tried to find solutions of environmental problems and challenges, to know the role of visual media and to employdigital technologies in achieving environmental sustainability. In this study, the researcher has used the descriptive approach using the survey approach by distributing the questionnaire to a number of media and experts to learn about the nature of the program and to collect classify and analyze data in the survey.


Television Programs, Spreading Environmental Awareness, Estidama Program.

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