Repeatability of Human Intelligence Quotient and its Relationship with Some Trace Elements in Blood Serum

1Bilal JM Aldahham, Louay M. Al-Ani and Huda M. Mahmood


The aim of this study is to estimate the repeatability of human intelligence quotient and to find out the relationship between the human intelligence and the concentration of Zn, Mg, and Cu in serum. The relationship between Zn, Mg, and Cu concentrations and intelligence were investigated for 102 students in University of Anbar, their ages were 20 -23 years old. Intelligence quotient (IQ) was evaluated using the Raven Matrices Test (RMT). Four ml of blood was withdrawn from the students to determine the concentration of Zn, Mg, and Cu. The obtained data were analyzed by regression analysis. The repeatability estimates of the IQ quotient shows low values, which was 0.032± 0.19. There were significant and positive relationship between Zinc (p< 0.05), Magnesium (p<0.01), and Copper (p< 0.05) with IQ. The results of this study participate in building an idea of improving the IQ. Also this research remove some ambiguity about some essential micronutrients of human and their relation with intelligence using scientific international ways.


IQ Percent, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Raven Matrices Repeatability.

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IssueIssue 5